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Downtown Fargo as a Living Classroom

At Kilbourne Group, we have a deeply-held set of values. We believe in respect for the past and gratitude for the present, but also in inspiration for the future that curiosity and knowledge sharing can lead to even… Read More

Bringing Back the Black

Originally published in the November 2016 issue of Fargo Inc! Since several hundred people gathered to watch its cornerstone be placed on November 17, 1930, downtown Fargo's Black Building has captured… Read More

Construction Progress: Roberts Garage

Roberts Garage construction site, September 26, 2016. Roberts Garage construction site, October 6. Roberts Garage will provide storage for 241 bicycles. Cement flooring began… Read More

Bringing People Back to Broadway

This is a story of community collaboration and a proven example of how street design impacts an environment. The latest reconstruction of Broadway in downtown Fargo was a series of small… Read More