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Senior Financial Planner & Analyst

Full time  /  Fargo, ND


Oversee all related financial modeling, banking relationships, cash management and risk management processes in the company. Responsible project analysis, implementation of financial dashboards, integration of project analysis into Yardi, risk evaluation, managing these risks, forecasting economic trends, developing board, lender and investor presentations, managing fiscal policies and guidelines throughout the company, and managing any other related projects.


Responsibilities vary depending on the scope and magnitude of the project but will typically include the following:

  • Modeling of real estate projects, including pro forma NOI, costs and related impact to investors returns and feasibility.
  • Modeling and forecasting cash flows for private equity firm, funds, and funds’ projects.
  • Budgeting and forecasting balance sheets, income statements and related financial statements of private equity firm, funds, and fund’ projects.
  • Analysis of proposed sales and retentions of projects and impacts to Fund returns and cash flows.
  • Participate in the strategies for and assist in the preparation of documents and analysis related to, the firm’s fundraising activities.
  • Participate in the strategies for, and implementing such strategies, for managing, procuring and other related activities of the debt and financing requirements of the private.
  • Develop and manage the banking activities for the Company. Identify finance priorities, develop financing packages, and execute.
  • Lead the preparation of presentations for Board, Investor, Investment Committee, and Investment Advisory Committee. Evaluating investments and preparing reports on such investments of the private equity firm, Funds and Funds’ projects.
  • Manage the annual budgeting process.


  • Degree in finance, economics, business administration or accounting (Master’s Degree preferred)
  • Minimum of 6 to 9 years’ experience in related area

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