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5 Reasons to Fall in Love With Working Downtown

5 Reasons to Fall in Love With Working Downtown

1. Proximity to food (and not just any food…really, REALLY good food)

Working downtown means countless, varied restaurant options within walking distance of your desk, as well as an abundance of coffee break spots. Plus, when you frequent these businesses, you are supporting local entrepreneurs who have taken a risk to make your town a better place.

Not only is it exciting to have a variety of dining options each day, but it’s refreshing to get out of the office, take a walk outside, and return to work feeling re-energized. It also offers the perfect environment to meet friends for lunch, or have a few beverages with co-workers after work for happy hour. Having these “third spaces” to connect with co-workers and friends in a non-professional setting during or after the workday provides a healthy work-life balance.

2. Phenomenal events

Speaking of work-life balance, downtowns are known for having frequent community events that let individuals connect with their neighbors, celebrate their city, and explore new places, interests, and businesses. Whether it’s parades, marathons, farmer’s markets, themed pub crawls, tech conferences, yoga meet-ups, art exhibits, or concerts, there is a constant stream of events for every age, interest, and lifestyle. You can leave work and walk to an event a couple blocks away, or even participate in events during the day that help you and you team work better together.

3. Ease of transportation

A walkable downtown can reduce your use of a car. You can walk to pick up lunch, run a quick errand, or get to a meeting. Not only is it great for your wallet (owning and operating a car costs an average of almost $8,500 a year), you’ll feel more active and energized throughout the day.

Public transportation systems can be a huge factor in the appeal of urban settings. Save money, skip the hassle, and spend your commute to and from work each day more productively (or at least more enjoyably).

4. Being surrounded by history every day

Before cars were invented and widely used, walkability and density were important for people to be able to move between home, work, and other necessities. Therefore, when cities were first constructed and growing, they were built with these principles in mind. It’s no surprise, then, that a city’s urban core is usually the oldest part of the city.

Working in a historic district reminds you every day of those who came before, whose hard work built a community. Be inspired to move forward with passion, admiration, and hope.

5. Inspiring people and ideas

While food, events, transportation, and history are all great aspects of working downtown, the best part by far is the people. Downtowns, by nature, are diverse. Therefore, there are a variety of perspectives and ideas constantly floating around. The density of urban areas promote collaboration between these diverse people, which leads to an explosion of innovation and exciting potential. Walk into any coffee shop or office downtown, and you can watch and hear this phenomenon happening. It’s thrilling to be in that environment every day.

While the people are all different, there is also an undeniable and unparalleled sense of community that comes from working downtown. It won’t be long before you know the people running your favorite lunch and coffee spots, and can’t walk down the street without bumping into friends.


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