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Block 9 Fargo Ground Breaking September 12 2018

Block 9 Breaks Ground in Downtown Fargo

In November 1930, in the midst of an economic depression, George M. Black was so confident in the future of Fargo, North Dakota, that he planned, financed, and built the tallest building in the state at the time. As The… Read More

New in Summer 2018 In Downtown Fargo

Downtown Fargo is 20 years into its renaissance. The project reveals this year make us feel like it’s just getting started. Downtown Fargo is 20 years into its renaissance as a vibrant… Read More

110 Broadway Storefront Renovation

The image above is a sketch of the Blacks store at 110 Broadway, opened by George M. Black, which opened in 1961. Blacks store was no longer listed in city directories in 1981. Read more… Read More