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Shining a neon light on Roberts Alley

Shining a neon light on Roberts Alley

The art of Roberts Alley has received a new installation. Kilbourne Group believes in the power of design to create places people love. Our team members have been planning for and working on a sign that makes a statement about the unique, local experiences you can find in Roberts Alley.

We are thrilled with the results of our partnership with local designer Jordan Nelson.

Alleys can be the ultimate urban pedestrian experience, and through the cooperation and hard work of a lot of people in downtown Fargo, Roberts Alley continues to evolve.

“The word alley is more than 600 years old, owing its origin to the French alee, meaning ‘walking or passage,’ and aler, or ‘go.’ Walking and going are rarely what modern alleys are all about — but they inherently remain passages.” – 5 Urban Alley Reinventions That Are Changing The Look And Feel Of American CitiesIssue Media Group

Have you seen great ideas for alleys that you’d like to see tried in Fargo? Post them to social media with #BringItToFargo!

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