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About 365 Days Ago …

About 365 Days Ago …

It’s hard to believe that we launched the first issue of the Kilbourne Group newsletter a year ago. We are grateful for your continued readership and interest; thank you! We look forward to continuing to keep you updated on news, insights and happenings concerning Downtown Fargo.

Related to that, we recently announced an international conceptual design competition for the U.S. Bank Plaza and surface parking lot located along Broadway in Downtown Fargo. Via the contest, named Downtown Fargo: an urban-infill competition, we are challenging designers to envision a multi-use urban solution that addresses retail, office, residential, parking, and plaza space needs. The competition – which has already been promoted in a number of professional and student architecture venues – is open to all licensed and aspiring architects, designers, engineers, landscape architects, and students enrolled in related academic programs. Currently there are 50 competition entrants representing 18 countries; wow!

The opportunity to envision the future of an entire mixed-use block in a vibrant city such as Fargo comes along perhaps only once in a person’s lifetime. It is exciting to the see the global interest in our community.

There are currently 151 accredited professional programs in architecture housed in only 117 institutions across America, one of which is North Dakota State University. We are fortunate to live in a city that embraces great design in architect, landscape architecture and art. 

How do we become a “Chicago on the prairie” in terms of building a reputation as a community that values, understands, appreciates and supports smart design? Our aim is that Downtown Fargo: an urban-infill competition acts as a catalyst to the process.

Architecture matters. Truly. It affects us every day. Great architecture inspires us and lifts us up. Poor design can frustrate us and de-motivate us. I’m excited to see and feel the design visions of these talented individuals and firms. 

Design plan finalists will be displayed at a public exhibition in Downtown Fargo in early December, with winners announced December 10.

Visit for more information.

As summer fades to autumn, these words once spoken by Albert Camus (French novelist, essayist and playwright; 1913-1960) are especially timely: “Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower.” Slow down, disconnect a bit, and take some time to enjoy the beautiful flowers that surround us. You won’t regret it.

Enjoy the journey,

Doug Burgum

Founder and Chairman, Kilbourne Group

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