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Downtown Fargo Walking Tour July 22; Red River Market at 11 am

Downtown Fargo Walking Tour July 22; Red River Market at 11 am

Join us under the Red River Market banner at 11 a.m. on Saturday, July 22 for a one hour walking tour of downtown Fargo! The Red River Market is held at the corner of Broadway and Fourth Avenue North.

rrmbDowntown Fargo has experienced a variety of changes over the last decade. Whether you’re a local or relatively new Fargoan, the transformation the area continues to undergo is apparent. While the growth is noticeable, the planning, principles, and reasons for the progress tend to be behind the scenes.

Downtown Fargo walking tours, hosted by Kilbourne Group, will give you a view of Fargo’s urban core through the developers and city planners eyes. What exactly has changed, and more importantly, why?

Here are five reasons to go on the Downtown Fargo tour!

1. Begin your day at the Red River Market.

The tours will depart from the Red River Market on Saturday, July 22, at 11 a.m. We’ll finish in an hour back at the market for you to grab a fresh lunch from one of the local food vendors.

2. Immerse yourself in the history of Fargo (in a fun way).

Did you know some downtown Fargo buildings are more than 100 years old? Find out which buildings fit this characteristic, how they once were used, how they have changed over the years, and why it’s meaningful to preserve them. You never know what hidden secrets could be revealed along the way!

3. Discover how local government guides downtown development.

The City of Fargo, with help from the community, created the GO2030 Comprehensive Plan to define policies and goals for future growth in our city. This has given developers and commissioners a roadmap for how to plan, build, and fund our downtown core.

4. Learn the science behind why the first picture is more inviting than the second, and why it’s important.


As you walk through the tour, you’ll be able to see and feel the impact of street design on your experience. A pedestrian friendly street environment can increase human activity, leading to a healthier community and a safer, more enjoyable street for walkers, bikers and wheelchairs.

5. Realize (hopefully) why you should care about urban development downtown

Even if you’ve never been downtown, the change that happens there affects our entire community. The workforcehealth, and economics of a community are all supported by smart design and appropriate, walkable density. Through the thoughtful re-design of existing structures, as well as the activation of brownfields or vacant lots through infill development projects, we strengthen our city as a whole. Downtown is at the heart of our city’s economy, culture and growth.

The built environment impacts how we feel, act, and interact with each other and our world – we all have a stake in our city’s core. Join us downtown as we explore one of Fargo’s greatest assets and its influence on our entire community.

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