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Downtown Fargo Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Downtown Fargo Valentine’s Day Gift Guide
Photograph by Rick Abbott

By Katie Spokely

The season of love is upon us, which means we’re all looking for ways to show the people we love how much they mean to us. Finding the perfect gift can seem overwhelming, but this list of thoughtful and unique gifts available in downtown Fargo will have you sighing with relief. Not only will your loved ones feel warm and fuzzy receiving one of these gifts, but you will too, knowing you’re supporting local businesses and community members!


For everyone biting their nails at the thought of buying a great gift, the new Downtown Fargo Gift Card lets the holder shop at more than 50 different downtown businesses with one card, so you can rest easy knowing your special someone will be able to use it toward something they love! Visit this link for more information on locations accepting the gift card and where to purchase.


Finally, when doing your downtown shopping, remember: parking at Roberts Garage is free for the first 2 hours on weekdays, and free on nights and weekends. Navigate to Roberts Garage, park, and enjoy strolling from shop to shop with no parking stress.

Find Valentine’s Day gift inspiration in the lists below!

Experiences (To Share, or Just For Them)

Food & Drink

Unwrappable Gifts

Donate or Volunteer to Show Love for Our Community!

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