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It Wasn’t Always Like This: The Fargo Theatre

It Wasn’t Always Like This: The Fargo Theatre

Today, many recognize the iconic marquee of the Fargo Theatre. It, like many other small-town theater marquees, is a prominent centerpiece of a bustling downtown, an emblem of the glamorous age of early Hollywood. However, while other small town theaters have been repurposed or fallen to disrepair, the Fargo Theatre still looks very much like it did nearly a century ago, and it still serves as a showplace for live entertainment and, of course, movies.

“I think movies are one of the most powerful and influential art forms that we have in modern society,” says Emily Beck, executive director of the Fargo Theatre and self-proclaimed movie nerd. “Whether you’re escaping into a whole new world, an artist’s vision or a character that draws you in, you can be in the dark for two hours and lose all sense of anything around you.”

Read the full story in the October issue of Fargo INC! Magazine.

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