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We heart Fargo: Five things KG loves about Downtown, baby!

We heart Fargo: Five things KG loves about Downtown, baby!

You don’t need to be in love to celebrate Valentine’s Day, kittens. Feb. 14 can be about so much more than cherubs sproinging arrows through lovers’ hearts. It can also be a time to give heart-felt thanks for all the cool stuff going on in “Downtown, baby.”

With that in mind, we have compiled a completely random, unscientific and anything-but-definitive list on Five Things We Heart about Fargo.

How do we love thee, downtown? Let us count the ways …

1. Cooool art.


You gotta love how public-art projects magically crop up in downtown Fargo, like these lovely, icy heart sculptures by Stevie Famulari, Food Network frequenter and assistant prof of landscape architecture at NDSU. They look like giant, delicious snow cones, although any Midwesterner worth her salt will not eat colored snow — yellow or otherwise.

2. Sweet somethings. 

heart cookie

So many great downtown bakeries; so little time! Among our faves are the scrumptious, frosted sugar cookies at Moxie Java Fargo (the one on Broadway, of course). The key: Nancy Nerland’s family recipe, which includes just the right touch of almond flavoring. When purchased goods are this good, who needs to bake your own? Yum!

3. Giving, not receiving. 

heart chili

We kind of like how Giving Hearts Day has piggy-backed onto a holiday that was usually all about those irritating couples in love. This record-breaking fundraising phenomenon is dedicated to inspiring online donations for charities. At Kilbourne Group, we banded together with neighboring companies Land Elements, Arthur Ventures and Intelligent InSites to hold a chili cookoff for the charity of the cookoff winner’s choice. This year’s chili-palooza raised nearly $240 to help someone in need! And it gave us an excuse to eat in the process!

4. A Movie to Remember.

The Fargo Theatre has wisely booked a romance classic — “An Affair to Remember” for 7:30 p.m. tonight. This gorgeous Technicolor film, starring Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr, includes the classic “Meet me at the top of the Empire State Building” scenario that was later used in “Sleepless in Seattle.” Bring hankies and order lots of soda; you just might dehydrate!

5. Haley at the Ho-Do.


Haley E and the Rydells perform tonight at the Ho-Do. This beloved former alum from the Johnson Family Band brings her sweet folk-rock stylings to the hospitable Ho-Do Lounge tonight starting at 8:30. What a romantic way to cap off Valentine’s Day.

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