Courtland Miller

Market Research Analyst

Hometown: Wahpeton, ND

Role at Kilbourne Group: Market Research Analyst

Where you can find him on a Friday night: Grabbing a bite to eat at Mezzaluna, walking down Roberts Alley to Dempsey’s – the shortcut to Broadway that just happens to have a bar and live music, might as well take in a bit of both, then through to the Pickled Parrot for a drink in a mason jar and dancing to the cover band du jour, then out to the hot dog stand for a Bomb Dog.

Most vibrant part of downtown Fargo: Fargoans! The energy and attitude that the people of this city bring every day is something else.  Downtown is made vibrant, in part, by the fact that so many Fargoans gather here to share ideas and enjoy the company of one another.

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