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Downtown is the Fargo metro’s differentiator which offers unique experiences you simply can’t have anywhere else. Put yourself In Good Company. Consider an office downtown!

According to Forbes Advisor, North Dakota is the #3 Best State in the Nation to Start a Business in 2023! And in the heart of it all, downtown Fargo is North Dakota’s largest central business district. How does start-up space on Broadway within shouting distance of Broadway Square sound?

As a catalyst working to restore downtown’s heritage and economic vitality, Kilbourne Group knows that a vibrant, walkable city center helps act as a magnet to attract and retain a diverse, talented and growing workforce.

“In economic terms, what’s happening in Fargo is that a magnetic downtown is attracting and retaining talent.”
Inside Fargo, America’s Most Undervalued Tech Hub, Fortune, December 2015

From Gensler: “Humans, by nature, are inherently social. And when you have that connection and it is impromptu, that is what creates energy, happiness, encountering the unexpected. That’s the beauty of cities. And it’s the same for workplace. Those impromptu conversations and human interactions create connection, culture, and innovation.” – Trends to Watch: The Future of Cities Relies on Multiuse Districts, January 4, 2023

Downtown is yours. Enjoy it, share it, support it, and have confidence in its power and potential.


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