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Could a Downtown Fargo Office Be Your Competitive Advantage?

Could a Downtown Fargo Office Be Your Competitive Advantage?

The headlines can be dizzying… hybrid work, back to the office, remote (or resign!), extreme competition for talent, oh my! There is simply no singular trend to follow; no one-size-fits-all office design. It has never been more crucial to provide a working environment that uniquely fits your business and gives your team members peace of mind.

Office space needs are changing in the wake of the pandemic. Maybe your company outgrew its office space while your team worked remotely, or maybe you need more space between team members. Perhaps your space needs to be more flexible to accommodate when and where employees like to get work done.

Another key factor? Ensuring your office is a more attractive place to work than your team members’ homes. Consider the advantages of claiming your office space in downtown Fargo.


Attracting Talent

With 12,928 jobs posted in the Fargo region (Emsi; September 2021) and a 2.7% unemployment rate (August 2021), finding talented team members is a challenge. Downtown is a differentiator and can be your competitive advantage in the search for the best talent.

Many companies tell us a unique office space in the heart of Fargo’s historic, walkable 18-hour city center helps them attract and retain talented employees.

“The trends seem to change daily, to the point where there are no real trends in what companies are looking for in office space,” said Mike Peschel, Managing Broker of Kilbourne Commercial Real Estate (KCR). “One thing that never seems to change is the competition for talent. Everyone is hiring, and everyone wants the best and the brightest. Your workspace is part of that value proposition you offer team members.”

With 1,200 businesses and 18,000 employees, downtown Fargo has become a magnet for the region’s best talent. A hub of finance, technology, healthcare, design, and creative services, downtown Fargo is changing the way we do business.

Kilbourne Group is dedicated to building an awesome city and creating vibrancy through mixed-use development. Office workers are key to making the mixed-use ecosystem work. Did you know that according to a study by the Urban Land Institute, each office worker in a mixed-use urban setting supports up to 25 square feet of restaurant and retail space?

Being part of a vibrant downtown community is inspiring, and bringing your team downtown is a bold step forward.


Photo by Dan Francis Photography

Brand and Culture

The brand of downtown Fargo is creative, quirky, full of culture and history; a magnet for those who seek interaction, whimsy, and discovery. Having your office downtown links your company brand to all that is great about the heart of our city.

“It’s pretty cool to see what happens when company culture is at the center of workspace design,” said Peschel. “Are you vibrant color, funky fixtures, and collaboration spaces? Or maybe you are timeless and refined. Regardless, a space flooded with natural light and filled with thriving plants can do wonders for a team.”


Interaction and Amenities

Many companies find themselves asking in this moment: What will bring them back? What can an office environment provide that working from home can’t?

Think in terms of providing your team with layers of flexibility. Experiment with various seating arrangements, hybrid models, and collaboration spaces. It’s about maximizing team interactions while providing the right environment to get the work done.

We’ve seen game rooms, luxury coffee stations, and even fitness centers as internal amenities. But imagine if your neighborhood were the biggest amenity.

Downtown Fargo is where you can run into your friends and colleagues on the sidewalk, and that can mean good things for business.

Neighbors support neighbors, and there are countless places to meet for collaboration, brainstorming and change-the-world conversations.

You’ll run into people who inspire you or take you in a new direction. (Plus, it’s healthy for employees to interact with people from outside their company occasionally.)


Photo by Dan Francis

Central Business District

Downtown is Fargo’s showcase. It’s how we impress visitors, what we put on our postcards.

The neighborhood makes a convenient and lively meeting room for internal collaboration and is an incredibly unique place to host customers and partners. You are near banks, a hospital, city services including the post office and library, and of course, the shopping, eating, drinking, and playing.

“Downtown is often a perfect choice for someone looking not only for office space but a location that drives productivity and profitability,” said Peschel.

“Consolidating team members in one great space fosters the innovation, collaboration, and camaraderie that happens when teams are together.”


Triple-Bottom Line

A company’s investment in downtown has economic, environmental, and social benefits for both the company and the community in which it does business.

The math proves that it is good for all taxpayers when we fully utilize and maintain the infrastructure that already exists before building new. When a company invests in a city center, they are using their purchasing power in a way that strengthens the whole city.

Many business leaders say corporate social responsibility efforts are non-negotiable in their ability to attract a new generation of team members. Reinvesting in the historic city center is a powerful and enduring way to give back. Fully utilizing existing infrastructure is also good for the environment, and building the Central Business District’s tax base ensures the financial resources the City needs to maintain that infrastructure.

“Our community celebrates companies that are investing in downtown. They’re creating a stronger city and helping everybody with their workforce issues,” said Peschel. If you haven’t been to downtown Fargo in a while, things have changed. The sidewalks are alive with people of all ages, and buildings are full of new energy and locally owned businesses.

Downtown Fargo is a growing neighborhood with countless opportunities to connect with diverse professionals.

Downtown Fargo is a great place for businesses to expand—for small, medium, and even larger businesses. From affordable to Class A office space, from 200 square feet to full floors in towers of commerce, from funky historic buildings with modern amenities to brand-new custom construction, there is a perfect space for every business.


Let the team at KCR help find the perfect downtown office for your team by emailing [email protected] or calling 701.289.7000.


This article originally appeared in Fargo Inc! Magazine. The featured image is by Dan Francis.

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