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As an experienced developer, Kilbourne has several Opportunity Zone real estate projects located in downtown Fargo that are in various stages of development. Through the Great Plains Opportunity Zone Fund (GPOZF II) Kilbourne is raising up to $50 MM of capital for investment in these projects.

Kilbourne Group was founded in 2006 as a catalyst for revitalizing downtown Fargo’s urban core and economic vitality. Kilbourne Group has invested in historical redevelopment and mixed-use infill projects in downtown Fargo, designed to create a vibrant 18-hour city that offers unique experiences and places designed for people.

2nd Ave & Broadway in Downtown Fargo

Today, downtown Fargo is thriving with a retail district of hundreds of unique retail stores, more than 5,000 residents, and more than 2 million square feet of office space. With proven expertise in urban development, fund management, real estate, construction management, and property management, Kilbourne Group is guided by the knowledge that vibrant downtowns create smart, healthy cities.

Previous Projects

View previous projects by Kilbourne at Properties | Kilbourne Group.

These three projects are examples of previous projects built in downtown Fargo. RDO Tower is a mixed-use project, including the 125-room boutique Jasper Hotel, Rosewild Restaurant, retail, RDO corporate headquarters, and residential units. The Landing and Kesler projects are currently under construction and set to open in the summer of 2022.

Your investment in the Great Plains Opportunity Zone Fund II includes secured opportunities and projects in an established and growing urban neighborhood with a proven market.

Sponsored by Kilbourne, LLC

RDO Tower along Broadway in downtown Fargo, June 2021

The Landing at 1001 NP, under construction, opening summer of 2022

Kesler at 624 2nd Avenue North, under construction, opening summer of 2022

Overview of an Opportunity Zone Fund 

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 created the Qualified Opportunity Zone (QOZ) program as a method to provide potentially significant tax benefits to investors who reinvest capital gains into long-term investments located in so-called “Opportunity Zones” as designated by each state and approved by the Treasury Department.

The QOZ program is suited for investors who have substantial capital gains and a desire to realize them in a highly tax-efficient manner. Investors are generally able to defer federal taxes on any recent capital gain until December 31, 2026, reduce that tax payment by up to 15% and pay as little as zero taxes on potential profits from the Opportunity Zone Fund if the investment is held for ten years.

The Great Plains Opportunity Zone Fund II

The Great Plains Opportunity Zone Fund II (GPOZF II) is sponsored by Kilbourne, LLC and is dedicated to Opportunity Zone eligible real estate development primarily in downtown Fargo, North Dakota and other urban areas in the Great Plains. Kilbourne, a full-service real estate firm located in Fargo, offers over 10 years of experience in development, design, construction management, and operation of real estate projects, including multifamily, hotel, commercial, and retail uses. Since 2006, Kilbourne has developed, or is in the process of developing approximately $450 million of real estate projects in downtown Fargo.

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Fargo Metro

  • 249,000 population
  • 27,000 college students
  • 28% more millennials per capita than national average
  • 20% more bachelor’s and graduate degrees per capita than US average
  • $4.5 billion in building permits over last five years
  • 3% unemployment

Downtown Fargo Neighborhood

  • Property values of downtown have more than tripled since 2001
  • 21,000 jobs
  • 75 retailers
  • 41 restaurants
  • 22 bars/nightlife
  • 10 coffee shops
  • 8 art galleries
  • 6 theater companies
  • 5 parking ramps

Higher Return on Investment

After-tax gains on an OZF II investment can be more than double those of a similar investment without the OZF II benefits. The table below illustrates an investor’s potential after-tax returns in an OZF II investment compared to the investment of capital gains in a traditional investment, both appreciating at 10%.

Investment Timeline


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