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Doug Burgum Running for Governor of North Dakota

Doug Burgum Running for Governor of North Dakota

Fargo, ND -North Dakota entrepreneur Doug Burgum announced in Fargo that he is running for Governor of North Dakota. Burgum will pursue the Republican nomination at the party’s convention in Fargo, N.D., April 1-3.

I respect the more than 1,500 deeply committed and active Republicans who give so much of their time, talents, and treasure to the party.

Regardless of the convention outcome, Burgum says he will give full consideration to taking his message of gratitude and a need for change to all Republican voters in the state via the primary in June.

“I strongly believe that we are a healthier party, and a healthier state when more people can be directly involved in the democratic process of selecting candidates for the general election,”said Burgum.

Burgum drew on his decades of successfully building global technology companies and renovating the core of the state’s largest city when describing his leadership skills that are uniquely relevant to the challenges facing the state of North Dakota.

“The world, including every industry and organization is facing a near-term future of rapid change,” said Burgum. “From health care, to finance, agriculture, energy, hospitality and services, to every school system, university, and government agency, every organization will need to leverage the power of technology or be disrupted by it.”

“Looking back, we have been very fortunate in North Dakota over the past recent years,” he continued. “Looking ahead, we are in for a rough patch of declining state revenues.”

Burgum refers to the tectonic shift driven by exponential change of better, faster, bigger, and yet cheaper technology as a driving force for necessitating new leadership that thinks globally and exponentially.

“It is from a place of deep gratitude that I announce my candidacy for North Dakota Governor,” Burgum said. “Countless people, teams, technology, and more have blessed my life; as has being part of the great state of North Dakota. It would be an honor to listen to the concerns, dreams, and inspirations of my fellow citizens and learn what I can do to make a positive impact on North Dakota as Governor.”

A long-time Republican, Burgum credits his success to the values and ethics instilled in his early years by his family and community.

“We are a state of pioneers, tinkerers, innovators, hard workers, and big dreamers. And we’re just getting started. I am running for Governor because I believe in North Dakota and my fellow North Dakotans. Imagine what we can do together to make this state even greater.”


Twitter: @DougForDakota

T: 701.212.1755
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