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It’s Bike Share Season in Fargo!

It’s Bike Share Season in Fargo!

The Great Rides Bike System is back in action for their 3rd season!

Great Rides Bike Share system made its debut in Fargo in 2015. After the first year of operation, the B-cycles had over 140,000 rides with just 100 active bikes and 11 docking stations. Minneapolis and Denver, both initiated Bcycles in 2008 with over 800 bikes and each system had around 100,000 rides after the first year. In both 2015 and 2016, Fargo’s Great Rides received the B-Cycle World Award for most rides per bike per day with an average of 5-6 rides. That is more usage per bike than New York, Washington D.C. or Paris! Fargo’s bike share also set a nation-wide record on their busiest day with an average of 20 rides per bike!

Great Rides Bcycles can be checked-out at any station and docked at any other nearby station. The cruiser-style bikes are equipped with lights, baskets, skirt guards, bells, adjustable seats and three speeds, all of which aim to keep the rider comfortable, safe, and dry on their ride. Riders can purchase yearly or monthly membership cards, or pay to ride for the day at $4 an hour.

With docking stations all across campus and the cost to ride already built into their tuition, B-cycles are a convenient way for students at North Dakota State University to buzz around town or get to class with the quick swipe of their student ID. In fact, students are the primary users of the system, taking 90% of rides each season. The unique model of using the University’s student cards for bikeshare check-out, makes Fargo’s bike share system one of the most successful in the country. In result, campuses across the country are researching Fargo’s model with hopes to replicate it on their own campuses.

You can purchase your membership for this season of Great Rides in downtown Fargo here. By downloading the Bcycle App, you can check out a bike with their mobile device! The app also allows members to manage their account, track their mileage, see bike and dock availability, and get directions to the nearest station. By supporting Great Rides, you are supporting cycling and the growth of active transportation infrastructure in the community. Kilbourne Group is honored to sponsor Great Rides Bike Share and help promote cycling as a healthy way to run errands, go to work, or explore the city.

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