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Kilbourne Group Submits Mixed-Use Parking Ramp Proposal to the City of Fargo

Kilbourne Group Submits Mixed-Use Parking Ramp Proposal to the City of Fargo

As the pace of development in downtown Fargo continues to build momentum, the squeeze of limited surface parking spaces gets tighter. It’s a great problem to have and one that can be solved by ramps that provide more spaces in a smaller footprint. Fargo city leaders recognize that mixed-use parking ramps can add to the economic activity and walk-ability of the city.

In November of 2015, the City of Fargo released a Request for Proposals (RFP) to seek redevelopment proposals from developers or interested investment groups to develop city-owned property at 624 and 625 2nd Avenue North. As noted in the RFP, the City seeks a design concept that results in an urban scale mixed-use development with an integrated parking structure with approximately 400 parking spaces. Kilbourne Group submitted the Roberts Proposal, a four-phased public and private partnership plan, to the City on January 15, 2016. Read about all the proposals received by the city in this January 26 article in The Forum.

Kilbourne Group uses a very considerate and thoughtful urban design process to develop high quality projects. We understand the value of smart, mixed-use design for activating underutilized spaces in our downtown core. The Roberts Proposal incorporates the activation of the Roberts Alley, creating walkable spaces that are not only safe, but useful, fun, and interesting.


Our team went through a rigorous development plan involving 10 different design concepts until we finally reached a design that we felt best respected the context and scale of the neighborhood. A majority of downtown Fargo is comprised of mostly three to four story buildings.

Kilbourne Group designs prioritize people, said Kilbourne Group’s General Manager, Mike Allmendinger. We strive to create projects that create new spaces for experiences that are distinctive to downtown Fargo.”

The Roberts Street ramp proposal makes headway on additional parking spaces in the downtown neighborhood, adds residential units of varying price points, and creates an active, vibrant alleyway that can be home to unique retail, food, and beverage concepts.

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