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New Women-Centric Coworking Space Coming to Downtown Fargo

New Women-Centric Coworking Space Coming to Downtown Fargo

| By Mari Hall |

The featured image is by Arianah Christina/Block 8 Photography.


Shelby Beach is on a mission to transform how working moms approach work-life balance. Her imaginative solution: Maven Collective, “a female-centric social club focused on revolutionizing work-life harmony by uniting work, childcare, and wellness in one vibrant space,” according to its introductory information provided by Beach. At Maven Collective, International Women’s Day isn’t just March 8th, it’s 365 days a year.



Maven Collective, already up and running with a soft launch in January, will be fully operational with the completion of renovations at the historic Stone building in the heart of downtown Fargo, where work is underway to revitalize the building and open Synclaire Events Venue.

Maven Collective is designed to help women flourish by offering everything they need all under one roof, and it should be noted that women don’t need to have children to become a member of the collective. It will offer a wealth of amenities to its members when the space is fully finished this spring, including coworking space, private offices, a kitchenette, a mother’s room, and even ample space for yoga. Additional perks will include complimentary coffee, tea, fruit-infused water, and snacks, as well as premium grab-and-go food and beverage items for sale. Essential office needs such as wifi, document shredding, printing, and more are also available to members.

Mindful that everyone’s work-life harmony is different, Maven Collective offers several membership tiers, so women looking to take advantage of Beach’s initiative can choose the option that best suits them and their goals, from day-passes to private offices.



Maven Collective can also serve as an event venue for up to 85 people, making it the perfect partner to Synclaire Events.

Maven Collective has been a long time coming, Beach says. She was torn about how to approach career goals and raising a family even before she had kids. Now with two beautiful children, she decided to make some innovative changes to revolutionize how she manages both and share it with others here in Fargo-Moorhead.

“In the spring of 2021, I was working full-time while our daughter was in daycare and constantly researching what I could do to work and be home with her. I stumbled upon a few companies on the west coast—similar to Maven Collective—and fell in love with the concept. It was always just a thought that I dreamed of in another lifetime. When I became pregnant with our son, I couldn’t stand the thought of leaving two children all day, everyday. I became obsessed with the idea and researched how to make this a solution in Fargo.”

“When I felt I was finally ready to officially launch,” Beach says, “I left my full-time job and put everything I had into Maven Collective.”

Though Maven Collective is up and running, getting there was more challenging than Beach initially anticipated. “I underestimated how high the hurdles would be,” says Beach. But her entrepreneurial drive combined with community support to make her dream a reality.

“This community has been so impactful on me starting Maven Collective. From the very first people I told the idea to, who are still cheering me on today, to the new people I meet every day who instantly help me spread the word. I have run into so many incredible people who are willing to help me just because they are genuinely good people, and that makes a huge difference!”

Beach is intent on giving that support back to the Fargo-Moorhead community.

“I believe that by offering a conducive and nurturing environment, we can empower women to excel in their careers while balancing their responsibilities as mothers,” says Beach.

Maven Collective’s entrepreneurial mission is well-placed in downtown Fargo, where small business owners and entrepreneurs are an important part of the vibrant fabric of the neighborhood. The iconic Black Building, right next door to the Stone building, is a hub for entrepreneurs and innovators, putting Maven Collective in excellent company.

To learn more about Maven Collective, head to, and don’t forget to follow Maven Collective’s journey on Facebook and Instagram.


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