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Unlocking the Door to the Future of Apartment Hunting With Self-Guided Tours

Unlocking the Door to the Future of Apartment Hunting With Self-Guided Tours

People looking for an apartment in Fargo-Moorhead now have a new way to check out prospective homes: self-guided tours.

Our residential property management team at Centric Management has officially rolled out SmartRent’s self-guided tour technology for our three newest projects, Mercantile, Kesler, and The Landing, allowing potential renters to explore the building on a schedule that works best for them. Work is already underway to apply self-guided tour tech to other projects in our portfolio as well.

In the age of self-checkouts, leading the Fargo-Moorhead market with this game-changing technology will make our buildings more accessible for a wide range of community members.


How Does It Work?

Anyone looking to take a look at a property equipped with self-guided tours will be able to schedule a time to view the property between 8 AM and 10 PM, expanding the time frame well beyond office hours and giving the power of scheduling back to the prospective renter.

The safety protocols implemented by SmartRent and other self-guided tour platforms are designed to keep the property secure. In order to gain access to the building, those hoping to tour a Centric property solo will need to provide a photo of their ID as well as of themselves to verify identity, and access codes are only provided when the person enters the building’s proximity.

Through the process of signing up for their tour, services like SmartRent help potential residents identify units that fit their space needs and will provide them access only to the units they register to tour. While in the building, enabled location services allow the person touring as well as service provider to monitor their location within the building on a real-time map of the property.

Should anyone have a question during the tour that they’d like to ask right away, they’re able to contact Centric right from the tour page and reach a leasing agent either in our leasing office or through a 24/7 call center, so they can have their questions answered even outside of office hours.


How Will This Impact Future Renters?

Self-guided tours empower prospective residents to explore a property at their own pace and truly get a feel for the building without feeling pressured to make an immediate decision.

A Centric property manager will follow up with anyone who tours within 48 hours of their property visit, giving them time to determine if it might be the right fit for them and consider any questions they may have about living there.


Learn more about scheduling your own self-guided apartment tour here.

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