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Downtown Fargo Construction Updates: January 12, 2018

Downtown Fargo Construction Updates: January 12, 2018

Roberts Commons

The sidewalk along the south side of Roberts Commons will be closed for a week starting Monday, January 15. The closure allows the construction team to build a safety tunnel for pedestrians. When it reopens in a week, pedestrians will be able to walk safely on either side of 2nd Avenue North. Crews have also begun mopping the garage elevator lobby and stairs to keep up with slushy conditions.

RoCo Apartments

RoCo Apartments are on track to open in April 2018.


123 Broadway

Silver Lining Creamery has announced their new home on the corner of Broadway and 2nd Avenue North!

Photo special to The Forum.

Storefront glass along 2nd Avenue North has been installed for the three new storefronts. And downstairs… custom fit drywall is a creative way to bring new life to an old brick building.


Black Building

There will be sporadic overnight work continuing on 5th floor and elevator lobby. Three cheers for Outdoor Concepts on their great work restoring the 1930s terrazzo in the lobby!

Exchange Building

The second floor of the Exchange Building at 502 1st Avenue North is flooded with natural light and boasts fresh white paint and exposed ceiling joists. This floor will be complete within a couple weeks and crews will move to the first floor. The Exchange is ready for a new business!


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