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Downtown Fargo Named a Top-Three Midwestern Fall Destination

Downtown Fargo Named a Top-Three Midwestern Fall Destination

| By Mari Hall |

The Star Tribune paid its northern Twin Cities neighbor a major compliment Monday, heralding Fargo as one of the top three Midwestern cities to consider for a fall getaway.

“Lively, jammed-with-attractions Fargo is a role model for small cities everywhere and makes for an ideal getaway,” stated Rick Nelson, the Star Tribune columnist who lauded Fargo’s appeal in the article.

Fargo’s biggest selling point, according to Nelson, is our downtown community.

“Architecturally, downtown boasts an energetic mix of vintage and brand-new,” Nelson said. Among the downtown destinations called out in the Star Tribune article were the Plains Art Museum, the Fargo Theatre, Jasper Hotel, Rosewild, Broadway Square, BernBaum’s, and so many more.

Nelson also made sure to highlight the wide range of businesses in downtown Fargo, from retailers like Zandbroz Variety and Mint + Basil to top-notch coffee shops like Youngblood Coffee Roasters and Black Coffee and Waffle Bar. Our flourishing craft brewing scene, from Drekker Brewing to Wild Terra Cider, also received shoutouts.

“Another draw? Downtown’s compact, highly walkable layout — anchored by tree-lined and flower-filled Broadway, the neighborhood’s main thoroughfare — means that no car is required,” Nelson concluded. “Well, at least after completing the four-hour drive from the Twin Cities.”

Nelson’s contributions to the Star Tribune article shine a light on Fargo’s growth in recent years, particularly when it comes to our downtown district. An ever-increasing number of folks are discovering Fargo for themselves, whether it’s for a quick weekend trip or to call home.

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