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Oh Heck, NYT Loves Downtown Fargo, Too

Oh Heck, NYT Loves Downtown Fargo, Too

| By Mari Hall |

Danielle Braff, a journalist for The New York Times, made a visit to Fargo with her daughter recently, and needless to say, she learned that Fargo doesn’t necessarily match up with the eponymous movie that made this town famous.

While they were disappointed by the lack of murder by wood chipper, they were enchanted by all that downtown Fargo has to offer.

“The entire downtown — about 100 blocks — has been transformed from plot after plot of surface parking lots and vacant buildings to an area sporting boutique stores, James Beard-award-winning restaurants, a popular university and a community plaza,” Braff wrote.

Braff and her daughter stopped by and subsequently highlighted some Fargo favorites, including Unglued, BernBaums, Rosewild, and Fargo Brewing Company.

Braff was careful to highlight downtown Fargo’s successful growth in recent years, too.

“In the last four years, more than $300 million in public and private investments have reshaped Fargo,” she wrote. “Fargo now looks like a mini-mix between Toronto and Madison, Wis.”

In the end, she writes, “we were wrong about everything.”

This article comes at a time when downtown Fargo feels like it has come into its own, with a healthy mix of old buildings and new, established businesses and start-ups. This vibrant neighborhood truly has grown in the last 20 years, and it’s a pleasure to see it recognized by one of the most prominent publications in the U.S.


To read the full article by Braff, click here. A subscription to The New York Times may be required.



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