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Our History

Kilbourne Group was built on a commitment to honoring, supporting, and growing downtown Fargo. We honor and respect those who built the city and are grateful for all who contribute their time, passion and resources toward reinvigorating downtown. Our team seeks to be daily inspiration for all who desire to help our hometown Metro area reach its fullest potential for all its citizens.

Doug Burgum‘s first experience with downtown renovation and redevelopment occurred when he stepped in to rescue the 70,000-square-foot Northern School Supply building from an imminent wrecking ball in 2000. In November 2015, The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead told the story in their feature article, Realization on a Rooftop, about Kilbourne Group’s inspiration and vision.

As Kilbourne Group approaches projects in new communities, we intend to be armed with an in-depth understanding of a community’s vision for the future. Comprehensive panning and community input are critical to a project’s success. By following the community-driven plans for downtown Fargo, Kilbourne Group has contributed to a flourishing 18-hour neighborhood with a thriving food scene, coffee shops, entertainment, and one-of-a-kind small businesses. All of the hallmarks of an urban center combine with a closely knit community to create more than places to be. They create places to belong.

We Love Downtown Fargo!

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