It’s often easier to raze a building and start anew. When an old structure no longer supports its original purpose or a lot sits vacant, it takes thoughtful engagement to reveal their latent potential. Our team is dedicated to seeking out how these projects can best serve the community.

So how do we do it?

Through the thoughtful re-design of existing structures, as well as the activation of brownfields or vacant lots through infill development projects, we strengthen our city as a whole.

Buildings and new developments not only benefit those who inhabit them but also have widespread positive impacts on the workforce, health, and economics of a community that are all supported and increased by smart design.

But, what really makes these buildings fully-thrive are those who inhabit them. It’s the risk-takers, the stake holders, the pioneers who have invested into downtown now and in the past who inspire us to continue our work into the future. Each project we complete, every new business that opens downtown, and the support our community provides keeps the team invigorated, grateful, and excited about the future of the Fargo Metro Area.


“Recently, the city [of Fargo] has undergone a renaissance, with a revitalization of downtown bubbling with inventiveness. Here are some of the best examples of the savvy Fargo of today, a nexus of creativity, sustainability, and an energetic maker movement.” – Boston Globe, March 10, 2017

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